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Adventures into Alice’s Decluttered World – Under the Kitchen Sink

Alice is at it again, she was on a mission to add space under her kitchen sink. This is always a strange area to declutter/organize because of all the pipes and things that live under the sink. Many people get discouraged when they don’t see a drastic change, but in this space, it’s all about functionality and ease of use/retrieval. You want to utilize the space under all those pipes as well as make it easy to get to.

Take a look at Alice’s before photo, can you see what I mean? That humongous black box that people call a garbage disposal is all up in the way! Just makes you mad when you think of all that space that can be used behind/underneath it!

Alice decided to battle the “bulge” of the black box by adding a shelf to the space. This allowed her to use the empty headspace that was level with the black box and the space underneath the shelf as well. This allowed her to move the garbage bags to this location which is closer to her trashcan, instead of in the laundry room.

Alice also mentioned that she is in the process of sending some of the vases to a better home (goodwill, etc). She loves this small and inexpensive solution because it allows her to better utilize the space.

I am actually in the process of decluttering/organizing my under the sink space…what about you? Thanks for sharing and inspiring us to do something under the sink Alice! For those needing a little inspiration, you should take a ride on the Pinterest train to see what others have done in their under the sink space. You will be amazed at all the clever ideas. Some will work for you and your lifestyle and some won’t…but the key is just do something…so you get rid of the crap and can find what you do have.

Me, I am working on it too…can I just say three cans of easy off…really?!?!? and you all KNOW I have only cleaned my oven once! and that was recent…so what is wrong with this picture?!?!?! However, in my defense, I did blend households so I am going to say that two of those three cans are his! ☺ yeah that’s it! Please share your experiences with us. If you’d like to enter a guest post, just let us know…we would be happy to see your progress just as Alice has shared hers.

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