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Parenting 101: The Night Time Battle

Lady in the moonOur normal night time ritual is to hug and kiss Papa goodnight adding a strange head but at the end that only she and he understand…blowing him kisses as we walk together to her room with her “Oso” in her arms and her in mine. We kiss each other goodnight, give big tight hugs, turn on her music machine and she lays down while I sit in her rocking chair quietly playing candy crush…until she dozes off and then I sneak out making sure the door monkey is securely in place. Well tonight about an hour and a half after our normal ritual, baby girl woke up. Now, this normally isn’t a big deal she will either lay back down on her own after letting us know she woke up or she will stand at the door and yell her protests that no one is in her room, until we have mercy on her or our ears, and we go and sit with her.

Well, tonight was one of those nights where mommy’s resolve waivered…the string of my heart was pulled and there was nothing I could do but go to my daughter’s room and rock my candy crush playing self until she fell asleep again. You see we have been teaching our daughter how to say please when she wants something. She sometimes forgets, but there is nothing like seeing her face smile while she half closes her eyes and holds the eeee’s a little longer than necessary so it comes out as pahleeeeease, whether a question or a plea. So on this unique night I was ready to let her work her sleep situation out on her own, but then in her mumble of intelligible words the few things I could make out through her tearless cries were momma and pahleeeeeease. Needless to say, she won this battle tonight and I write this from her room having suspended my candy crush play to document how I’m feeling at the moment to the soundtrack of twinkle twinkle little star. In my mind I imagine that she did the yes cheer silently in her room once she heard me coming down the hall.

So if you find your heartstrings being pulled don’t think you are the only one…this pahleeeeease situation has my weak spot in a choke hold…but next time I will have to grab my parent armor because the minute she figures out that word is my kryptonite is the day I’m in really big trouble.

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