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The Big Reveal – Ms. P’s Bonus Room to Art Studio Project

I am so late in sharing this before and after with you and for that I apologize, but trust me it is worth the wait.  I am so excited with the way this space turned out and so is our fabulous Ms. P.  If you remember our last project with Ms. P was her laundry room declutter.  On the heels of that transformation Ms. P was inspired to redo her bonus room into an art studio.  The difference is this time we provided our Project Management services instead of our Professional Organizing services.

Before we get too deep into the reveal, let me show you the original room.  Ms. P had multiple uses for this room.  It was a library, an art room, a nursery, a play room, and a sewing room.

Ms. P Bonus Rm Before - Right

Ms. P Bonus Rm Before - Left

I’m not sure if you can really tell by these photos, but it was a nice sized room with a single window.  It had approximately 20 year old basic builder grade carpet and white walls, both might I add in good condition..  After discussing the project with Ms. P, she planned to replace the carpet with hardwood, paint the walls, install lighting, and get unique furnishings for the room.  My role in this project was to provide inspiration/ideas of what she could do with the room based on her visions, we were a sounding board to see if her ideas raised any flags in relation to resale, price or safety, we were also there to assist with obtaining and managing resources for the various labor intensive jobs (painting, floor installation and furniture assembly).

I have to tell you that I really liked this job, because Ms. P travels quite a bit and it was fun getting her reaction to the little teaser photos I would send.  It made her look forward to coming home because she was so anxious to see the latest changes to her room in person.  It’s the small things that bring us joy.

The Painting and Flooring Process

Ms. P Flooring - In ProgressThe painting process was pretty easy.  Being an artist, Ms. P knew the colors she wanted in the room, so it was just a matter of managing the painting process while she was out of town.  The flooring selection was a little more involved because we assisted her in determining what type of flooring she wanted and provided options for her to choose from.  We made sure to bring the flooring samples into the space and put it up against the newly painted walls and let it speak to us.

Ha, not literally…but it was easy to see, which really worked the best with the wall that way.

The flooring she ended up selecting as you can see has some marbling in it that worked perfectly with the dark gray/blue end walls. We assisted in scheduling Home Depot to come out to measure the room for us so the proper amount of flooring could be ordered.

Ms. P Flooring Complete

Ms. P. ordered the materials prior to leaving town and we assisted with the delivery to her home, since it needed to temper a few days prior to installation.  We hired an independent installer to handle laying the floor and they did a fabulous job!  Isn’t it absolutely beautiful!

The Furniture Process

When it came time to select furniture and layout for the room, there were many different options that we came up with.  You can see them all on our inspiration Board.  Ms. P. handled the furniture selection on her own.  Of all the pieces, we assisted her with assembling five of them and let me tell you the Martha Stewart flat file and hidden desk were torture, but we refused to let them win! One of the pieces had some missing and damaged parts so we handled contacting the vendor on Ms. P’s behalf to get replacements sent.  All in all as you can see the room turned out wonderfully. These pictures don’t do it justice by any means.

Ms. P's Finished Bonus Rm

This picture is from the left side of her bonus room and is where she stores a lot of her art supplies.  The flat file in the middle was one of the pieces that Ms. P mentioned in our first conversations as being something that was important to her for storing her art pieces.

This next photo is an extended look from the door of the left side of the room.  This picture gives you a good view of the contrast between the two walls and the flooring.  You also get a sneak peak at the caricatures of her old students on the wall.  She used to make these of all the students she taught and these are the ones she had left.

Ms. P's Finished Bonus Rm

The next photo is to the right side of the window, I absolutely love the pops of yellow that she has infused throughout the space. The ladder shelves were another lovely touch that she added.

I’m sure you have captured a glimpse of the craft desk that sits in the middle of the floor.  This is another piece that I absolutely love.  it has a place where you can sit on either side and the six cubbie shelving is on either side as well.

Ms. P's Finished Bonus Room

The final piece that I want to highlight in this room is the hidden desk.  It is a favorite among everyone who enters the room because it can either sit completely closed where it looks like just a piece of furniture or it can be opened to create a desk and a hidden compartment that can hold

Ms. P's Finished Bonus Rm

papers and supplies.  Ms. P has coupled this with a clear acrylic chair.

She also replaced the fan light that was previously in the space with track lighting and she added an art line to the wall immediately after you enter the door, but since she was already feeling inspired in her room and had started working on a project for a Client, I didn’t want to photograph it.

So that is it, Ms. P’s fabulous bonus room makeover.  She has already had a number of tours from her friends who want to see the transformation.  She also let us know that she immediately feels inspired when she enters the room and she finds that she loses track of time when she is in there.  And the part that warmed my heart more than you know is when she told me that this room filled her happiness bucket!  That my friends is why we do this work!

Ms P Art Studio | Dana LaRieal Morales

I hope you have enjoyed this reveal!  If you are in the process of transitioning, please consider contacting me for assistance.  We help with all types of projects and we want your bucket to be the next one we fill with happiness!

If you haven’t already, please make sure you join our newsletter, the happiness deposits, so you can get regular organizing and process development tips.  Until next time!

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