Discover Unused Space | Dana LaRieal Morales

Let’s Move On Up!

Go to one of your areas that could use a little more space…now look at it carefully, come on really look. How well are you really using this space? Have you optimized the entire area? I can give you specific examples of how I have “found” space in my home I never thought I had. …

Linen Closet Declutter | Dana LaRieal Morales

Decluttering – The Linen Closet

Alright, we are now in 2012 and many of you thought our decluttering challenge had ended…ha ha the joke is on you! We are just beginning! This particular post is something I have had for several weeks, but failed to upload it promptly. An easy yet daunting declutter project is your linen closet. Now, all …

Save Money with Cell Phone | Dana LaRieal Morales

Strange but Excitingly Easy Ways to Save Money

How many times have you looked at your smartphone and wondered if you were using it to its fullest potential? Well, I have wondered that and recently learned I was not. A dear friend of mine shared a fabulous deal she achieved during the holiday season using her cell phone!!! What did she do? She pulled a coupon up on her cell phone and the store clerk scanned it. (pause for a moment of shocked realization) (more…)

Decluttering Your Closet | Dana LaRieal Morales

How to Declutter Your Closet

As many of you know I lived in a 1355 square foot condo prior to getting married and it was where began to really hone in on my love of organizing.  This post is a step back into time when I decluttered my closet for the first time.  The process took me two weeks due …