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Crockpot Dr. Pepper BBQ Ribs on Bolillo Bread

Photo take from Leanne Lee’s pin of themenumama .com

Alright you all know about my absolute love of Pinterest for recipes.

Well mix that with my inner Latina and my crockpot and what do you have???  An easy and delicious meal that will make you want to smack your lips!

I found a recipe on pinterest a long time ago that was so easy and delicious, but unfortunately the link to themenumama didn’t work anymore so I typed up directions based on how I make the ribs below:

The first thing you need is an oven or a crockpot…if you don’t have a crockpot I strongly urge you to correct that problem as soon as possible, but it isn’t required for this recipe.


Slab O’ Ribs (whichever kind floats your boat – boneless, babyback, regular, etc.)
1 Bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce (whichever kind floats your boat – I use Kraft or my low-carb BBQ)
1 – 12oz can of original Dr. Pepper (you can’t use diet)


Place your ribs into your crockpot or oven safe pan.  You may need to cut the slab in half if it won’t fit into your crockpot or pan.  Season the meat if you like with salt/pepper but that is not required.  Then pour your BBQ sauce and Dr. Pepper evenly over the meat.

Now here comes the tricky part…determine the amount of time you have before you need to eat.  If within 4 hrs turn your crockpot to high or oven to 350.  If within 8 hrs turn your crockpot to low or oven to 250.  This will all depend on your location’s altitude, crockpot power and your meat tenderness preferences.  Ultimately, we make sandwiches out of our meat so I like for the bone to pull easily out of the meat.  I typically cook mine all day (8:30 am – 6:30 pm) on low.

Once the meat is done you can put it on a hoagie roll, eat it without bread, or you can be like me and get in tune with your inner Latina/Latino and put it on some Bolillo bread.  Walmart and many other stores carry Bolillo bread in their bakery or you can go to a Mexican bakery and get some!  Anywho, you can add avocado, tomato, cheese, mayonnaise…really whatever you like.

Just try and make it and then dance with joy as you complete a delicious meal without breaking a sweat!

This is totally a working mom’s dream meal because it takes no time to prepare and everyone will gobble it up!

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