Dana LaRieal Morales - Your Holistic Process Strategist

I, Dana LaRieal Morales, am my client. I am a professional woman who happens to be married with a 6-year-old daughter (going on 20). I am a project manager for a corporate law firm and I’m also the owner of The Happiness Bucket. As you can see I wear many hats, but everything I do is rooted in organization.

Primarily, I help entrepreneurs develop, implement and streamline processes in both their business and personal life so they can have better work-life integration and balance. I am a speaker, teacher, consultant, coach, workshop leader and I am YOUR Holistic Process Strategist.

As an Army brat, organization and structure were ingrained in me at an early age. Those who work with me regularly describe me as dependable, organized, caring, compassionate and funny. I love helping people be who they were designed to be.

I believe we all have a purpose and mine is to help you get organized through process development.