Holistic Living | Dana LaRieal Morales

You are a holistic being and I believe that everything in your life is interconnected.

Think about how one small shift in your normal routine can change the entire trajectory of your day. A traffic jam, an unexpected meeting, a tantrum by your four year old. It is all interconnected because you are one person who has to navigate it all.

I believe that work-life balance in it’s basic sense is possible. I think a more accurate term or phrase is work-life integration. When you think about how one feeds the other it is virtually impossible to not have them co-exist. Think about it. Most people work to have a better life, but if you work too much do you really have a “real life” or are you working so hard that you miss your life altogether? Same can be said for those who put too much focus on their life, are you able to live the life you want to without finances to fund it? Now, some will say yes, but majority of you get my point.

Work-Life Integration is about having ebbs and flows. One day you may have to work 60% and life 40% and another day it may be 40% work and 60% life. The key is to not have it shift too far or too long in one direction.

I don’t want you to be concerned with where to start on your journey. It is common for me to begin working with a client on one issue and end up working on many others that they didn’t even know existed.  The reason this happens is because once you begin to get order and control in one area, the block that was there is removed and you can see where organization and order are needed in other areas.

I would love to work with you on clearing whatever is blocking your happiness today. Set up your session and lets get started!

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