Our 2020 Guest Speaker Registration is Live.  If you are interested in being a speaker for Lunch & Learn Live, please complete the application below.

Ensure you have allotted a month between your request and desired go live date to complete the application and testing process. All approved guests are scheduled two weeks or more before their actual go live date, based on schedule availability. 

Speaker Application

Please provide information as to how your topic relates to holistic organizing (work/life integration). It can fall into the bucket area(s) of physical space, life transitions, self-development or business.
Please provide the date(s)/time you would like to conduct your session. Note: all live sessions are conducted between 11:30 am - 1:00 pm cst or after 7:00 pm cst. Recorded sessions can be recorded at various times.
List your website and social media site URLs (this helps to determine if our audiences meld together).