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Exploring the Pinterest Kitchen – The Olive Garden Bread that Went Awry

My first official pinterest fail is in the record books! Yes…it was a sad state of affairs if I say so myself. What happened you ask? Well, you know I’m gonna tell you!

So, I have always wanted to know how to make my own bread. I have no idea what the fascination is with making my own bread, but I want to do it. Since I love bread I figure why not learn how to make it at home myself. In enters my beloved pinterest website. I began hunting down some bread recipes that didn’t look too hard and were for things I would actually want to eat. As I searched feverishly through the plethora of recipes…I found it! The motherload of a recipe….OLIVE GARDEN “LIKE” bread. I love their bread and know it is kind of dangerous for me to know how to make it, but figured I’d do it anyway. Well, I went out and purchased the ingredients needed. Ultimately I just needed some yeast…everything else I already had on hand. My husband wanted pasta for dinner and he loves Olive Garden bread, so why not get some bonus points by adding it as a fabulous surprise right? WRONG!!!!

Take 1
I got all the ingredients and “called” myself following the instructions to a tee. What went wrong you ask? Well, as I began to knead the dough it seemed to be acting funny. As I shaped the bread, it kept falling and chunking off. Hummmm, did I use the right kind of flour? I THINK NOT. Lol I had regular flour in the all purpose flour container…I knew something wasn’t right. FAIL #1

Ok don’t get discouraged, my husband said he wasn’t starving so I’m thinking I have time to give it a go one more time. I found the proper flour in the cabinet so I said let’s try this one more time…this is going to be great! I’m so excited!!! Ok so here we go…

Take 2
I once again got all the ingredients and “called” myself following the instructions to a tee, yet again. What went wrong this time you ask? Welllllllllllllllllllllll…everything was working properly the dough was clumping as it should even when I formed the rolls they were perfect on the pan. I left them to rise…although they didn’t seem to rise all that much. Hummmm is that normal? Anywho, I put them in the oven for the appropriate time and temperature…brushing the seasoned butter on at just the right times. Well, I think we are good…hubby is excited now that he sees just want I have made for him. Then it happens!!! I go to lift the bread off the pan and I immediately know that something has gone awry…these rolls that are supposed to be light and fluffy are hard as a ROCK!!!! What the world went wrong!!!! What is going on, I followed the directions to a tee!!!!

I tell my hubby don’t you eat those! That is terrible…I break it and am appalled at what I see and feel. Well, we laugh it off but the whole time I’m eating dinner I am wondering what I did wrong. Well, enter a call from my mother and of course I had to tell her what happened and see if she has any wisdom she can share. She advised that the yeast probably wasn’t hot enough. Although the package says “warm”, it doesn’t mean warm. This makes sense to my brain since it didn’t really rise. Well, I won’t let this bread beat me people! I refuse…I want some homemade olive garden rolls!!!! I will try again and keep you posted as to what transpires in my Take 3 of the Olive Garden Rolls. SMH the things we do for some good bread. ☺

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