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Childproof Product Gets THB Award – The Door Monkey

The Door Monkey is a Winner!

Actual Door Monkey
Door Monkey

The door monkey…have you heard of it. No??? yeah I hadn’t either, but I tell you the TRUTH! God knew I needed this product! WOO HOO to Kristian Yates, President of Jordacon Enterprises LLC and the designer of this fabulous contraption. I am all about supporting small businesses and this is one product I can say totally deserves “The Happiness Bucket Award”! It has brought me so much joy…in a short period of time. Let me share with you why this is so great:

Why We Needed the Door Monkey

Background Information: My daughter is 17 months old. She is in the 99% in height and is a little too smart for her own good. She has been sleeping through the night for at least six months and would typically wake between 5:30 and 6:30 each morning. She would call out or cry and I would retrieve her and put her in our bed. She would sleep a little longer until about 7 and then she would wake and have QT with us. Our room is on the opposite side of the house from my daughter’s room and she has to pass three outside doors as well as a staircase to get to our room.

Our Door Monkey Timeline

This is important for you to truly comprehend this timeline I’m about to share with you. I hope you find this helpful…so without further ado, here is the timeline of our week:

Sunday (night) – The Saga Begins

The first time that our daughter climbed out of her bed. This resulted in her falling, but she was fine. Of course we were a little concerned and bewildered to say the least…but we didn’t worry as we thought it was probably a fluke. When this happened it was still early in the evening, so we put her back to bed as usual and called it a night.

Monday (early morning) – Nervous and Worried

Our daughter started crying, I immediately got up concerned that she may try to climb out of her bed again. Went to get her and she was already halfway to our room. Needless to say there was no falling incident this time. It was around 4ish in the morning, so I put her in the bed with us. At this point, I was unable to sleep because my brain was running trying to figure out what we were going to do. We had always said she was not going to be sleeping with us. I googled my dilemma hoping for words of wisdom of how to stop this before it starts…when I ran across a youtube video by justnik78.

Monday (regular hours) – Door Monkey Research

I watched a few additional videos about the product, here is one from the designers:

and I also read an obscene number of amazon reviews to see the pros and cons. I ended up purchasing three. One for my home, one for my parent’s home and one as a backup in case one was faulty or if I needed a quick gift.

Tuesday (night) – Tired and Looking for Relief

Our daughter started crying, as the night prior, I immediately got up concerned that she would try to climb out again…of course she already had and in fact was two steps outside our room when I got to the door. Half sleep I just put her in our bed and then looked at the clock. I was bewildered when I discovered it was 12:30!!! Gheesh…a full night of no sleep for momma. Daddy, of course, went right on to sleep and was dead to the world. I was thinking something had to give quickly because this was NOT going to work! Luckily the next two nights she was going to be at her Grandparent’s house. Her pack and play there is a little deeper and the sides are higher so we should be ok until Friday.

Wednesday (night) – Concerned and Exhausted

My parents report that she “escaped” her play pen and commenced to walking down the hall to their room around midnight (passing a flight of stairs on the way). I believe they let her fall asleep in their bed and then put her back in her bed for the night. Again, we are regressing here and this is no Bueno!

Thursday (night) – Anxiously Awaiting

My parents and I were visiting Ft. Campbell the next day so I spent the night there. She again, woke and escaped her bed and this time it was around 11 or 12, I don’t really know but I was still awake. We put her in the bed with me and we slept the rest of the night together. Good quality snuggle time, but not a good precedence.

Friday (day) – Totally Elated

I looked at my email to see what the status of my order was and low and behold it was showing as having been delivered on Thursday!!!! Thank you Jesus! I immediately called my husband and told him to expect the package and he announced it was there! Woo hoo!!!! Yes I was putting a lot of faith in this little product, but I just couldn’t continue on this path.

Friday (night) – Door Monkey Success I think?

Little miss had a full day at Ft. Campbell so by the time we got home she was worn out! I placed the Door Monkey on the door in two point one seconds, but go figure she didn’t wake at all until 8 am!!!

Saturday (night) – Door Monkey Success Day 1

Again, we place little miss in her room and she went to sleep…again at midnight who wakes up?!?!? Yes our daughter…and yes she escaped her bed. The big difference is this time she was stopped by the door monkey!!!! She shook and shook the door and nothing…which of course made her beyond mad and she made sure we knew she wasn’t happy. I went to her room, put her back in bed and sat with her for a minute. She fell asleep and I left. Ten minutes later she discovered I wasn’t there and started protesting again. This time, I closed our bedroom door (we have super acoustics in our home so sound travels). Five minutes later the crying stopped. I wanted to go and check on her immediately but my mommy instinct said no, finish watching Hell’s Kitchen (on demand is great!) and then go. So about thirty minutes later I go in her room and she is indeed in her bed, with her bear sound asleep as though nothing had happened.

Sunday (morning) – Door Monkey Success Day 1.2

My husband left for work around 5 and she screamed out almost as though she was dreaming…but there was not another peep from her. That morning when I went in to open her door at 7:30, she was half standing half laying on her bed…still groggy. She didn’t see me and I just unlatched the door and walked away. We wanted her to realize that she can come out in the morning, she just has to stay in there at night.

Sunday (night) – Door Monkey Success Day 2

Okay round two…I was ready…we go to bed, I tell her I love her and that she needs to sleep in her big girl bed. She seemed to be taking an extra long time to go to sleep and being exhausted I told her to go to bed. I shut the door and walk out. She of course immediately got out of her bed and made it clear she didn’t like it. I made it to my room and took my earrings off and then I heard her voice change as though she had turned around…and then there was silence…literally this took about a minute. I asked my husband to check on her before he came to bed to ensure she was in her bed and not on the floor. Ten minutes later he comes in to report that she was in her bed fast asleep.

Monday (morning) – Door Monkey Success Day 2.2

I woke at 6:45 missing my snuggle time with my daughter. If you remember, prior to the door monkey she would wake around 6:30 and we would put her in the bed with us…she would sleep another 30 mins or so and then watch cartoons and drink her milk. So around 7:00 I went to her room and unlatched the door. She was still fast asleep and didn’t wake until 7:30. She whined for a while and I had to go to her room and ask her why she was still in there. She was just sitting on her bed. I told her to come on so she knew if the door was open she could come on out.

Monday night/Tuesday morning – Door Monkey Success Day 3

We had another night of rest with no incident. At 7:00 I woke and my daughter was not awake yet. I unlatched her door and walked away. She woke around 7:30 and walked from her room to ours. She was whining a little, but as soon as she saw us she was fine.

Final Summary of our Door Monkey Experience

I know this was a long post of a lot of details, but I thought it was very important for you to see the regression and then subsequent progression of my daughter with the use of the door monkey. Some things that I think are key with using this product: 1. We took the advice of one of the reviews and moved a shelving unit that was near her door so she wouldn’t have the desire to try and climb on it to reach the door monkey. 2. We made a big deal over her getting a big girl bed (it was just her crib converted to the second stage – removing the front rails). 3. We did not hide the fact that we were putting the door monkey on the door. 4. We made an effort to have the door unlatched in the morning, prior to her waking, so she understood she could come out any time the door wasn’t latched, but if the latch was on she had to stay. 5. We repeated the words big girl in just about everything she did and repeated how proud we were of her…so she understood we still loved her but this was what big girls did. Although she is young she comprehends things very well.

I wish you luck in your journeys with your toddlers and I hope you decide to give the door monkey a try!

Our First Door Monkey Update

It is the end of September 2015 and we still use the same door monkey we originally purchased. My daughter actually will close the door and ensure it is latched now when it is time for bed.  From time to time we will turn it around the other way so she won’t lock herself out of her room when just entering and exiting while playing.  We still stand by our recommendation of this product and am so glad we discovered it.  Please share your experiences if you decide to use it.

Our Final Door Monkey Update

It is the October 2016 and we were able to survive with the one door monkey.  My daughter is now three years old and we still use it occasionally, but not for it’s original purpose.  Now, when mom/dad need some alone time I put it on the bathroom door (instead of locking it) so my husband can still come in and out but my daughter can’t come in.  She will push on the door and sometimes I wonder if her strength will break it, but it has survived.  Most of the time when she sees it on the door she doesn’t even try to come into the room, she just talks through the door.

I have also given this as a presents to expectant mothers before and although they don’t know what it is at the time, I assure them it will make their lives easier and begin explaining it’s purpose.  I will say there is a door width limitation, so I suggest reviewing the size of your door in comparison with the product.  You might consider contacting the vendor to see if they make or can make a larger size.  I know Alice wanted to use it, but her door was too think/big for it.  She lives in an older home.  Well, good luck and I hope you love it as much as we did/do!


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