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Fixing the Epidemic of our Youth – The True Parents pledge

Agreement with Pen to SignThe pledge Goal

Blessings – many of us have them and take them for granted every day. I am so glad that there is
one blessing in my life that I do not take for granted…actually there are two – my mother and father. You see, they have taken their job of raising their three children very seriously. They made
sure we didn’t want for anything, were properly clothed and fed and had a roof over our heads. They also made sure we received a great education and advice when we needed it, whether we listened or not. They have also been there for us even when they probably shouldn’t have…see they are a true blessing and I know that.

Vow to Teach Manners and respect

Now that I am raising my own child it really resonates with me how this world has changed and how those little things we took for granted as children are so important. I see kids today walking around disrespecting their parents in so many ways that we wouldn’t have thought of twenty years ago. How we now commend those young people who say “yes mame/sir and no mame/sir” although this was common practice “back in the day” and expected by most adults. How the phrase it takes a village was true and serious. You knew if you acted up that Mrs. Johnson from down the street would get on to you and also tell your parents.  You knew you would get in trouble all over again once you got home. Kids never even thought of raising their hand to their parents or cussing them out. Young people got up and offered their seat for their elders and they also held doors open. Young men were taught manners and how to open a door for a lady. What happened to us teaching our children? What happened to us being proud of our appearance, and that doesn’t mean having the latest air jordan’s, it means tucking your shirt in, grooming your hair and making sure you put forth the best you that you could. You wouldn’t dare let Sally and Rob in the house because your parents weren’t home and they told you not to have anyone in there…no they weren’t home but you knew somehow someway they would find out.

Vow To teach responsibility and honor

I am so saddened today by the state of our youth, the entitlement that I see with the younger generation and I pray that I can teach my daughter half as much as my parents taught me. I want to teach her how to present herself in the best light, how important education is to her future, how her choices have consequences and to put God first. I want to teach her to say yes mame/sir and no mame/sir, to respect her elders and to help others. I want to teach her how to build wealth by saving more than she spends so she has what she needs long before she needs it…and yes that means learning how to pay cash and coupon, and how to identify quality and not just a name brand. It means not always getting what you want when you want it, but getting what you need when you need it.

Vow to Teach About Sacrifice and appreciation

I want to teach my daughter how to learn about her heritage and soak in as much as she can from those who came before her. I want her to learn about other cultures so she understands what makes her unique and what makes others unique as well. I want her to know the sacrifice that was made long before she came, just so she could have the opportunities that she does today. I want her to appreciate the small things that she has because it can all be gone in the blink of an eye. I want her to look forward to spending time with her Great-Grandmother, Great God-mother and Grandparents on both sides so she has no regrets when God decides to carry them home.

Vow to Teach Self-Respect, honor and HARD-WORK

I want to teach my daughter that she is important and that she matters in this world, that God made her and has great plans for her. That her body is a temple and no matter what some young man says, she will know to whom she really belong. She will set limits and only allow a God-fearing man in her life. I want to teach her that good things are worth waiting for and to understand that her Dad and Grandfathers are good men and she should look for men with similar qualities. To know that every comment doesn’t require a response and that she should take “negative” things that happen as lessons for her future. I want to share the wonderful people in my life who have helped empower me and teach me lessons that can also be there for her in my place when necessary. I want to teach her that she can be whomever she wants to be as long as she works hard to accomplish her dream. I want her to learn from me so she can be better than me, so she can achieve things I never could.

You see these are all things that my parents taught me and I am ever so grateful they did. I learned from them the importance of having positive people in my daughter’s life because children soak up their surroundings not just what you teach them. Proverbs 22:6 – Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Lord that is exactly what I plan to do. I encourage those who are reading this to do the same and share it with others so they too can take the “True Parents Pledge” to raise their children in this way and we can change this epidemic of disrespectful and entitled youth.

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