What I Can Do For You

Holistic Living

Teach professionals how to achieve work-life balance using process and organization

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Project Management

Teach businesses project management principles that will increase the success of their projects and implementations

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Team Development

Teach teams how to use emotional intelligence and observation to improve communication, collaboration and teamwork.

Self Development and Branding

Teach individuals how to identify their personal goals and purpose and establish their personal image to advance themselves in their desired areas of focus

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Business Process Audits and Development

Develop, implement and streamline client-facing and internal processes for a higher rate of customer service and business success.

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Professional Organizing Services

Teach individuals to use the five stages of organizing to clear their life and space of clutter and to develop processes to get organized

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Are You Ready to Make A Change?

Close the gap between where you are today - and where you want to be. I want to empower you to not only become the person you want to be, but to also create the business and life you want to have as well.

What Do People Have to Say?

Ms. P. JanawayRetiree

When years pass and excuses become commonplace a kind of paralysis to change sets in. But I am happy and proud to say that Dana has broken that paralysis and has kindly and graciously led me to beautiful transformations that I could not have envisioned for myself.

Mrs. J. ButlerAuthor and Photographer

I am grateful for Dana’s calm demeanor, encouragement, and advice. She has given me awesome tips on everything from blogging to marketing to social media… As I worked toward completing my first novel, “Paper Girl,” it helped me focus to know that I would have to answer Dana honestly when she asked me if I had written my 3,500 words for the week! Thank you, friend!

Mrs. C. JohnsonOwner of Jaybear Bake Shop

Whether dealing with family business or my dating life, Dana Morales has always given me a fresh perspective and a “real talk” answer. She helped me to figure out the path I needed to take; whether I liked it or not. With her help, I was able to see myself through her lens, giving me a fresh perspective on how to handle relationship issues which was instrumental in helping me find myself.

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I would love to share my experience and help you develop processes in your business and your life that will help you reach your goals.