Application page for Organized Holistically Podcast

About the Podcast

The goal of the Organized Holistically podcast is to show the human side of entrepreneurship and life. We will discuss organizational and process decisions you have personally made, both good and bad or that you have seen impacting others. Our conversation is organic, so we will go where the conversation leads us.  

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business a year or ten.  I want to share both entrepreneur and work-life balance lessons learned to help others who may be starting their business or going through similar things that you did (or are) on your journey. 

If you are interested in being a speaker for the Organized Holistically podcast, please complete the registration below.

Lessons learned can be obtained from all types of people, in all aspects of their life.  Organization isn’t just applied in a business.  You may be a professional who wants to speak on your personal growth journey or about getting your home organized.  You may even want to educate others about common issues you see in your line of work. The key is everyone has something to share with the world.  I encourage you to fill out the application below and/or set up a meet and greet with me and we can discuss if it is a good fit.

The first recommendation I’d have is to determine if you can speak about things in general terms instead of giving specific guidance.  That being said, most of our sessions are more about your journey into your career or your entrepreneurship, no necessarily specifics.  Tech Talks are more about the how to’s.  Additionally, I am looking for guests who want to talk about their success or struggles as it pertains to their home life or their personal growth and branding.  If any of these are a better fit definitely lets talk.

Due to the success of our sessions last year, I have 30 slots for guests this year.  My podcasting season runs from March 4th – September 23rd.  We will begin recording episodes as early as mid-January.

2021 Season - Guest Speaker Application

We discuss how organizing affects many different areas of our lives on Organized Holistically, we can take a holistic approach to our discussion or we can focuse just on your entrepreneurial journey or we can focus on your home life. We can also focus on the personal side of organization. Select above which focus you would like your conversation to take.
It is our desire this year to repurpose our podcast content, meaning that we would like to include video with our discussion. This, however, is not required. Please notate your preference for the episode.
Lessons Learned Conversations are general conversations that are not scripted, but we take them where they lead us. Tech Talk conversations are reserved for show and tell or educational episodes where the listener is being taught specific content, where I can ask pointed clarity questions. Sometimes we take pre-submitted questions for these episodes. Experience Review/Testimonial episodes are reserved for current or previous clients who discuss their experiences with 1:1 coaching or Organized Academy.
Please detail where you feel we could focus our conversation or if there is something specific you would like to discuss/teach. Please also provide a little history about your entrepreneurial journey.
These questions are used to help guide our conversation, there are no determinations, judgments or assumptions made by your selections.
List your website and social media site URLs. This information will be added to your show notes under the contact section.
Although I don't allow direct sales on my podcast, I do let people know how they can get in contact with you for more information about your offerings and I allow you to provide an offer to listeners. Please provide your listener facing contact information and any offers you may have so I can include them in the show notes. Please be mindful your airdate is based on your recording date. You are welcome to specifically request any available date as long as it falls 2 weeks after your recording date and before the end of the podcasting season.

By submitting this application you agree that all recordings no matter the format can be used on any and all platforms related to Organized Holistically, Organized Academy, The Circle, and The Happiness Bucket.

Guest appearances are pre-recorded and will air in the next available guest slot.  Once your registration is reviewed, you will receive communication from Dana LaRieal Morales with additional instructions for scheduling your session. 

If you have any questions related to the process or your potential appearance, you are welcome to use this link to set up a 15-minute Meet and Greet Session.